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3-Days Wedding in Capri

Welcome night at the famous “Paolino under the lemon trees” in Capri │ Ceremony at Certosa di San Giacomo │ Dinner at Capri Palace │ Goodbye lunch at “Luigi ai Faraglioni” │ Couple from UK │ Magic forest theme for the ceremony │ Folk band │ Iconic red taxi for the bride and groom

When: Summer 2016
Guests: 90

I still remember the day Laura called me on May afternoon a few years ago, saying she wanted to get married in Capri.

I asked her if she had a date, and when she told me, I thought she meant the following year, but no, she was planning a wedding that was going to take place 6 weeks later!

I rushed to meet her in Capri, and I must admit it was a fantastic experience: the welcome dinner at Paolino’s, the renowned restaurant under the lemon pergola; the ceremony at the Certosa di San Giacomo, where we succeeded to convince the authorities and the Monuments and Fine Arts Office to let us organize the ceremony in the garden, which we turned into an enchanted forest.

And the next day a boat trip to the faraglioni, the famous sea stacks. welcome night at the famous “Paolino under the lemon trees” in Capri, ceremony at Certosa di San Giacomo, dinner at Capri Palace, goodbye lunch at “Luigi ai Faraglioni”, couple from UK, magic forest theme for the ceremony, folk band, iconic red taxi for the bride and groom, we were able to do what others would have found impossible.

Capri is a lifestyle, an iconic island representing the Italian style in the world, featuring elegance, charm, sun, and an amazing cuisine, like the one offered at the Capri Palace, where we organized the dinner reception.

Capri resonates with us: its colors, its penchant for fun and the dolce vita. Despite being one of the places whose hidden corners we know best, the island still manages to surprise us.


Bouganville decor for weddings in Capri
Scialapopolo band in Capri Scialapopolo band in Capri
Red taxi in Capri for wedding
Mediterranean decor for a welcome wedding dinner in Capri
Carpi style hair for a three days wedding in Capri Carpi style hair for a three days wedding in Capri
logo player Video of a Wedding in Capri

Laura and Nicholas’s vision came true in this dream island. They wanted an unconventional but chic wedding; they wanted to enjoy the best spots in the island and its traditions, like the folk trio

that walked them from the ceremony to the piazzetta, or the famous red cab that drove them to Anacapri. And we had great fun organizing it all!

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