“When we design a wedding, we focus on delivering an unforgettable experience – Weddings have to be memorable for the entertainment, setting and the music they provide and decor frames it all.”

Luxury wedding villa in Italy

We will be with you every step of the way.

“For every event, I have a specific goal… the surprise of the guest who feels wrapped in magic. I try to bring out that astonished look a child has when seeing a new and fascinating game. It’s inside each of us. I like to draw situations and events that give them space”

Sara Mazzei, founder and creative director of InfinityWeddings, luxury wedding planner in Italy

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Our luxury weddings in Italy

InfinityWeddings was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating weddings that amaze and speak to our couples’ hearts. Every day I help them find unexplored concepts and ideas for their wedding. I encourage them to realize something that they have never thought before!

Cover photo creations Florence wedding

Creating beautiful decors is just a starting point for me. When I design a wedding, my focus is on fun. I want to create a memorable experience, made of music, excellent food and wine, perfect lights, incredible entertainment and the impeccable flow.

This is the InfinityWeddings’ style.

Welcome night at “Palazzo Avino” in Ravello │ Ceremony and dinner at “Villa Cimbrone” in Ravello │ Goodbye brunch at “Villa Cimbrone” in Ravello│ Couple from UK │ Glamorous orchids arch for the ceremony │ UK band during party

Lebanese Wedding in the Tuscan countryside │ 3-days event │ 170 guests from Lebanon │ Flower layout for the tables │ aerial views │ 500 candles │ 20 meters of cascading greenery │ an unplugged band from the south of France │ a DJ from Lebanon │ 7-layers cake │ cold fountains

Wedding with Florence view │ A young couple │ 50 guests from NY │ Open air ceremony │ Blush and pink palette │ 6 layers wedding cake │ Disco party in the library │ Live band from London

Sophisticated sofreh │ 150 guests from California │ Villa with Florence view │ Palette ivory and olive green │ White dancefloor │ Tenor to introduce the bride and groom

Living an unforgettable experience with a magical wedding entertainment.

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Venues Italy Weddings

We design, produce and plan Exclusive Weddings in Italy.

Garda Lake island
Rome villa
Lake Garda Villa
Lake Como boat with bride and groom
Lake Garda ceremony

Discover the best places to get married in Italy

Every year we receive so many requests from all over the world.

A Destination Wedding in Italy is still a dream! And all the brides have almost the same question: “We wish to know the best places to get married in Italy“. Great question!

We are long experienced in the best wedding venues in Italy, so for us it is a pleasure to start the conversation with our clients to understand the mood they want for their special day.

So we try to understand how they envision the wedding day… which pictures they want… if they prefer the sea, the hills, the cities of art or the Lakes or the islands.

Once we have understood the scenario we proceed into the details… if they prefer a wedding in Lake Como or a wedding in Lake Garda or in case of an italian summer wedding, we are happy to propose a Ravello wedding, Portofino wedding (Italian Riviera), Capri wedding or why not, a Sicily Wedding.

Bride and groom at the Infinity terrace in Ravello

These areas, together with the options of weddings in Amalfi Coast represent the best of the south of Italy where colours, and special vibes become the frame of the Wedding Day.

Sometimes some couples, especially from overseas love the most famous cities of art, so in that case our suggestion is a Siena, Lucca or Florence wedding, but also a wonderful wedding in Rome or Venice. Some other brides prefer a specific style that only Tuscany can get, so they prefer to choose our amazing wedding castles, a Tuscan borgo or luxury wedding villas in Chianti! Getting married in Tuscany is a timeless romantic choice.

In the last few years, another region has been discovered and appreciated from our clients, Apulia (Puglia). It is the heel of the boot!

An unique region full of character. On our website we have a great selection of wedding venues in Puglia so it will be easy to find the perfect wedding venue. Once we have selected the style, the setting and the area of Italy we start helping them to choose the perfect location for the ceremony (villa, castle or vineyard), the dinner and the dancing party and, last but not least, for the welcome party or goodbye brunch.

So dear brides, you can ask us the best places to marry in Italy!

Be sure that we have the experience, the knowledge and the passion to help you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Sara Mazzei, owner and creative director of InfinityWeddings.

Exclusive wedding planner Italy

“After so many years of experience, I wish to give to my readers (and I hope future brides to help) some suggestions.

Today social media and the web can offer so many ideas, inspirations, good contacts and good vendors names that many brides think to be able to organize the wedding by themselves. It is true. I agree with them. It is absolutely possible! But it is important to have in mind the wedding we want.

If we want a nice dinner setting and a romantic ceremony, a wedding planner maybe is not necessary, but if we want an impeccable, well executed, creative and unique wedding, please, start to select your best wedding planner in Italy.

If you wish to have a distinctive, exclusive and why not an Italian luxury wedding.

I highy recommend choosing one of the top italian wedding planners with the creativity, talent, knowledge and organization able to design, produce and plan your marriage in Italy.

InfinityWeddings is a luxury wedding planner in Italy, with 15 years of experience in Weddings in Italy.

We are able to help you with your italian wedding, offering support in design, production and planning with its team of senior and junior planners, interior designers and architects able to support you with moodboards and 3D.

Take your time to select the right italian wedding organisers. This is an important choice. As we say… it means to select someone who will be with you every step of the way!”


Sara Mazzei, owner and creative director of InfinityWeddings

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