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Lake Garda, one the most known lakes of the Lakes District in Northern Italy, has a great appeal and it definitely is a wonderful wedding destination. The picturesque villages with cute roads, good restaurants and wine cellars, the Medieval castles and the Renaissance villas reveal their special charm to your eyes and become the perfect frame for an unforgettable Lake Garda wedding.

If you are dreaming of an elegant wedding with the Mediterranean atmosphere of bouganvilles, olive grooves, lemon trees, impressive views over the water, castles and villages on the shores and with great weather all year long,  then Lake Garda is the right destination for your wedding.

Charming wedding villa with water view on Lake Garda

Our best wedding venues in Lake Garda

Elegant Lake Garda Wedding Villa

Elegant Lake Garda Wedding Villa

Fabulous wedding villa in Lake Garda

Fabulous wedding villa in Lake Garda

Lake Garda Luxury Wedding Hotel

Lake Garda Luxury Wedding Hotel

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Why choose a luxury Lake Garda wedding?

Imagine the beauty and charm of a romantic wedding on Lake Garda: a peaceful natural landscape, clear lake waters and fascinating historical buildings, all surrounded by the Alps in the North and by the Po Valley in the South. Lake Garda lies among three Italian regions – Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardia – and it clearly shows the differences in terms of country, culture, history and delicious local products. The amazing Lake Garda will offer you all of this for your incredible wedding day!

With waterside villages that include Sirmione, famous for its original walls, Desenzano with its exciting nightlife, Salò with history and lush gardens, Gardone, Malcesine and Riva del Garda, Lake Garda is a wonderful setting for any wedding — big or small.

For couples looking for something truly exclusive what could be better than a beautiful villa, on a privately owned island, just off the shores of Lake Garda? There are some places on earth are just magical and we consider Isola del Garda,  this private island in the middle of Lake Garda, as one of those and definitely one of the best wedding reception venues in Lake Garda, likewise the Lake Como wedding locations.

Our Garda Lake wedding planners will just add their expertise to the magic of the Lake Garda wedding villas and create an unforgettable wedding experience, with romance, breathtaking landscapes for Lake Garda wedding pictures and delicious banquets that will keep your guests talking long after you said “I do!”

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