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You can hardly think of Capri without being reminded of the Dolce Vita and picture Jacqueline Kennedy strolling barefoot and creating a trend that would become the renowned “Capri style”: the comfy chic fashion that many would copy in the future.

Capri is an island with an amazing sea, rocky coasts, luxury hotels and beach clubs among the most exclusive in the world and a life style you can only find here. The couples who decide to get married here choose the island because they want to offer their guests the Capri style experience, with pastel linen garments, straw hats, colored sandals and al fresco dinners under lemon pergolas overlooking the sea.

Wonderful gardens and unique venues to get married in Capri: historical villas, Roman ruins, private gardens, luxury beach clubs and sea-front terraces.

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Our best Capri Wedding locations

Wedding Venue in Capri

Wedding Venue in Capri

Sea View Wedding Venue in Capri

Sea View Wedding Venue in Capri

Wedding in Capri with sea view

Wedding in Capri with sea view

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Why choose a luxury wedding in Capri

Our advice is to consider at least two days in Capri, offering your guests a welcome dinner in a beach club such as Il Riccio or Fontelina or at “Paolino under the Lemon trees”. Il Riccio is one of our favorite beach clubs; the sea-front terrace and the dessert hall are truly unique in the world. In the several years we have worked here, we have organized daylong beach parties with guests arriving on private boats and dancing all afternoon, but also elegant dinners that allowed the guests to enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting in the sea.

Among the luxury venues in Capri, Paolino is an icon. If you miss him on your visit, it’s like you are missing part of Capri’s soul. Dining under the lemon trees will give you that great feeling of being embraced and Paolino’s selection of vegetables and fish is the best this island can offer.

For the actual wedding day we recommend the luxury Villa Lysis or the Capri Palace or the Certosa di San Giacomo. A few years ago, we organized a wonderful ceremony in the garden of the Certosa creating an enchanted garden with pampas and pastel flowers, a complete surprise for the guests who were not expecting the vintage ambiance of the Certosa.

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Typical faraglioni view Capri Typical faraglioni view Capri

We would suggest Capri both for an intimate wedding and a large reception. The island offers unique locations for ceremonies such as the Gardens of Augustus, Damecuta, the Punta Cannone Belvedere, and the Migliera, to name a few. These locations are ideal to enjoy the island’s wonderful nature with its typical Mediterranean scrub and the breathtaking views.

Sometimes Capri has been chosen as venue for a welcome party for couples who planned an Amalfi coast wedding or a Ravello, Positano and Sorrento wedding.
But the best is yet to come, the wonderful culinary tradition including the typical ravioli filled with mozzarella and ricotta, the renown Caprese salad that the whole world appreciates and our beloved flour-free Torta Caprese.
If we were to describe our Capri weddings, we would underline the colors and the music.

Best mediterranean landscape Capri Best mediterranean landscape Capri
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We are often asked to name the best wedding I have organized in Capri and I can’t really decide, because all the weddings celebrated in Capri are like no other. The couples that choose this island really want to avoid the classic standards and decide to plunge into a unique life style.

A few images are planted in my memory, and we can still hear the sounds and the laughter of the guests: we are thinking of the parade we organized with the Capri folk group Scialapopolo, who led the newlyweds from the Certosa di San Giacomo to the famous Capri square, with everybody dancing, including the passers-by. Then the newlyweds greeted their guests hopping on the famous red taxi, to meet them again at the Capri Palace for an elegant dinner at the two-starred Michelin restaurant L’Olivo.

And we could not fail to recall the beach party I organized at the Riccio, in Anacapri and the 120 Swiss guests who reached the island from Amalfi on private boats filled with Franciacorta and Champagne. Entertained by a famous DJ, they enjoyed cocktails served on the terrace, followed by lunch. Definitely one of the most fun events organized by us, with the guests dancing on the tables thanks to the unique energy of Alessandro Ristori & the Portofino’s.

Our advice is to spend a couple of days with our experienced planners, so we can show you what we can organize. This is the best way to truly understand what the island can offer. Our feeling is that after two days spent together on this magical island, enjoying boat rides, beach clubs and hotels, no other place will appeal to you. Capri is the best island to get married in Italy and in the world.

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