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Italian castle wedding

Getting married in a castle is the lifetime dream for hundreds of brides-to-be. Castles evoke fairy tales of princes and princesses they read and dreamt about, and many women still consider them the perfect frame for a dream wedding.

Some of them will say no to anything else: no villa could ever match the magic a castle can brings. We at Infinity Weddings pride ourselves with unveiling the most beautiful castles in Italy.

Our country is full of castles, reminders of our medieval history full, but some regions, such as Tuscany, in the Siena and Florence area, northern Italy and Sicily, offer a wider concentration of castles.

Many of them are public spaces that can be rented for private events; others belong to noble families willing to open their portals to private happenings such as weddings.

Some other castles have been turned into luxury resorts and therefore offer higher-end hospitality. If you are looking for an especially exclusive wedding in Italy, a castle is certainly the ideal frame. Including the name of a castle in the invite conveys the style of the wedding, and brings your guests to look forward to a particularly elegant occasion.

Groomsmen portrait in a wedding castle in Siena

Our best luxury castle wedding venues

Wedding Castle in Italy

Wedding Castle in Italy

Wedding Castle in Rome

Wedding Castle in Rome

Wedding castle in Sicily

Wedding castle in Sicily

Why choose a luxury castle wedding

Moreover, the inside halls, the wonderful courtyards, the towers and the gardens are unique settings for a fairy tale event. The staff at Infinity Weddings will walk you through the choice of the castle mostly suitable to your wedding: we can suggest luxury wedding castles or medieval castles ideal for weddings in Italy.

You will be surprised by our selection of castle wedding venues. If your dream is getting married in Italy, we can assist you with our brilliant, talented and expert team with a long experience in exclusive Italy weddings.

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Our amazing Italian castle wedding videos

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