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It is not easy to explain why to us Venice is the epitome of exclusiveness. Only if you live, and not just spend a few days, in this unique city, can you grasp its many features.

Venice is obviously San Marco Square and the packed Grand Canal, but also the serene lagoon, the Lido with its retro charm bringing us back to the early 20th century; the luxury hotels and the tiny bacari serving a glass of prosecco and the typical cicchetti (finger food) chatting with your friends.

Venice is art and crafts; the Biennale exhibiting international artists; the glass blowers of Murano and the embroiderers of Burano. Venice has a popular soul just behind the palaces overlooking the Canal, which show their beauty especially during the Carnival, when they open their spaces for the balls that will bring you back to the 18th century.

Venice to all of us is the city of lovers, the place where girls dream of wedding proposals, honeymoons, if not the wedding itself.

Luxury Wedding in Venice, carnival mask

Our best wedding venues in Venice, Italy

Exclusive wedding hotel in Venice

Exclusive wedding hotel in Venice

Luxury wedding boutique hotel in Venice

Luxury wedding boutique hotel in Venice

Luxury wedding palace on the Grand Canal

Luxury wedding palace on the Grand Canal

Exclusive five stars hotel in Venice

Exclusive five stars hotel in Venice

Romantic wedding venue in Venice

Romantic wedding venue in Venice

Wine resort for weddings in Venice

Wine resort for weddings in Venice

wedding planner venice italy

Why choose a luxury Venice wedding

The narrow alleys opening on extraordinary squares, the gondolas gently rowing along the canals, the tiny squares for romantic cocktails, the rooftop terraces of the famous hotels opening on the lights of the lagoon.

All this contributes to the romantic charm of this town. Venice is wonderful in summer and winter, likely the reason why couples get married here in every season. Imagine how romantic a winter wedding could be in Venice, where the city lights look like decorations and the lights of the candles frame the setting in a romantic atmosphere.

Themed wedding in Venice with Red Carnival mask
Grand Canal at the sunset Grand Canal at the sunset

Venice is ideal for romantic elopements and sumptuous weddings with hundreds of guests; it welcomes everyone offering always the right dose of romanticism. You can be married on a gondola or rent an exclusive islet of the lagoon accommodating 500 guests. You can choose a beach in the lagoon, or a luxurious 18th century palace opening on the Grand Canal. This is Venice.

The city offers wonderful spaces for legally binding weddings, beautiful Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox churches and a Synagogue. In any case, weddings in Venice need to be supported by a wedding planner: Venice is exclusive because it is not for everyone. Its logistics imply practice and expertise, to ensure the smoothest running of the event. Count on our team to disclose the best venues for your event, the logistic solutions to reach the wedding venue and our tips to organize the welcome dinner and the good-bye brunch.

We trust you will fall for this many-faceted city!

Getting married in San Marco Square in Venice Getting married in San Marco Square in Venice
Colored houses in Burano perfect as wedding location

If you wish to get married in Venice, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Venice wedding planners will assist you to find the perfect Venice Italy wedding venues and the best luxury hotels in Venice, Italy. If you are planning a small wedding in Venice or for a civil wedding in Venice, we will be pleased to help you.

Venice is famous for its amazing 5 star luxury hotels, famous for being the most romantic wedding venues in Italy. We can propose you a luxury hotel Venice grand Canal or hidden Venice wedding locations. If you prefer an intimate wedding in Venice, why do not consider a wedding in a gondola or a Venice themed wedding?

Venice destination wedding is a dream for most of the brides.

Wedding on a gondola in Venice
Colored houses in Burano, Venice italy Colored houses in Burano, Venice italy
Gondola and Carnival mask in Venice at sunset
St Mark's Basilica in Venice

Discover the pearls of this magical city!

Basilica of St. Mark

The Basilica of St. Mark is the most important religious temple in the city of Venice. It is located in the St. Mark square, next to the Doge’s Palace and has always been the center of the public and religious life in the city.

The Basilica is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, an intriguing combination of architectural and art styles, although it still preserves oriental aspects that can leave visitors astounded by its splendor.

It is a testimony to the wealth and power of the Serene Republic of Venice as well as the reckless adventures of its inhabitants in the Mediterranean as merchants and conquerors.

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace offers an extraordinary experience for anyone interested in the history of the city of the lagoon and the design of the interiors of the palace that impresses more than one.


The structure combines layers of different architectural styles, including Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance. The façade of the Doge’s Palace is considered a Gothic masterpiece.


This impressive building houses paintings by renowned Italian artists like Tiziano, Tintoretto and Bellini. Its interior is elegant thanks to the marble of Verona and is supported by stone arches supported by columns with magnificent capitals and sculptures in the corners.


The building has been the Doges’ residence and public offices since the old castle was built in 810. Over nearly 1.000 years, 120 doges ruled over Venice from the Doge’s Palace.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges to cross the Grand Canal of Venice. For many years, the overpass was the most important financial centre in Venice.


The present Ponte di Rialto was built in stone between 1588 and 1591 by Antonio da Ponte to substitute a wooden bridge which had collapsed in two occasions and had been partially burnt down in 1310.


The design of the stone bridge is similar to its predecessors with two inclined ramps that are connected by an arch in the middle. We recommend crossing the bridge at different times of the day to see the Grand Canal in all its splendor and take a photo of the remarkable Venice lying below.

Bridge of Sights, Venice

The iconic symbol of Venice

Bridge of Sights

The Venice bridge Ponte dei Sospiri, also called Bridge of Sights,
was built in Istrian stone in the Baroque style in the early seventeenth century to give access to the prisons from Palazzo Ducale.

The melancholic name refers to the fact that during the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, the prisoners, passing through it, sighed at the prospect of seeing the outside world for the last time.

The bridge of sight is famous to the point to have inspired tributes copy in New York and in England. Nowadays it is remembered for the magic and romantic moment when lovers pass by on a gondola.

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