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“I found my love in Portofino, perché nei sogni credo ancor, lo strano gioco del destino, a Portofino m’ha preso il cuor” (because I still believe in dreams, the strange games of fate took my heart in Portofino).

These are the initial lines of Fred Buscaglione’s 1958 song, recently covered by Andrea Bocelli. In collective imagination, Portofino has always been the symbol of the truest Italian style.

Its famous square opening on the harbor is one of the most photographed in the world, and the entire Gulf has often been the main character of international movies.

Artists, actors and tycoons have selected Portofino and its gulf to build their lavish villas that have in time become venues for weddings and events. Portofino and the entire Eastern Riviera represents the elegance of the Mediterranean towns: colored houses peering out of the steep, rocky coast that protects this area and makes it harder to reach, therefore even more exclusive.

The newlyweds toast on a boat in Portofino

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Wedding Villa in Italian Riviera

Wedding Villa in Italian Riviera

Exclusive Villa in the Italian Riviera

Exclusive Villa in the Italian Riviera

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Why choose a luxury Portofino Wedding

Getting married in Portofino is a great choice of style. Portofino has very few venues where weddings can be organized, and this makes it even more enticing. The ceremony is often organized in Portofino and the welcome dinner in the small square or on a yacht, while the reception usually takes place in one of the villas in Santa Margherita, the nearby town with its unique historical center.  Sometimes people ask us if Portofino is part of the Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is close to Portofino but they are two different areas. If you are looking for a Portofino wedding, contact us and our Italian Riviera wedding planners will assist you to find the best italian Riviera wedding venues and the wedding luxury villas in Portofino. We are long experienced with Italian Riviera destinations and for weddings in Italy and we can suggest you the most exclusive ceremony locations and wedding receptions and a special Portofino villa.

Luxury wedding villa in Portofino with italian garden with view

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