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All white wedding in Tuscany

3 days wedding in Tuscany │ thousands of orchids │mirror dancefloor │ Michelin starred chef

When: June 2019
Guests: 100
White wedding dinner in Tuscany

If you are familiar with our style and are following us on our social media, you already know that what distinguishes InfinityWeddings is the use of color. Full, colored settings are somewhat our signature.

When we met J&M, their minds were set on total white. Imagine my astonishment!

J&M are friends of former clients of ours and they were guests at a wedding we had organized, so I was surprised that they were asking us to create a total white wedding. However, I also considered that is was probably interesting to have the chance to exit our comfort zone and plan a different wedding.

Therefore, I decided: if they want total white, so be it, and no compromises!

The outcome was quite interesting and evocative. Set in a Tuscan hamlet where the red of the soil and of the bricks of the houses predominates, the contrast of the white was truly amazing. Even the church was teeming with cascading white orchids, framing the important moment.

Wedding banquet decor with cascading orchids and hanging candles
All white wedding party table decorations
Wedding white tables at the sunset with cascading orchids Wedding white tables at the sunset with cascading orchids

We went lighter on the tones during the cocktail hour, where only the wrought iron chairs were white, only to amaze the guests with the setting of the all white wedding party and after dinner festivities that took place in the hamlet square. White all over, linens, chairs, cascading orchids, the stage of the band, and the mirror dance floor creating a double total white effect.

Orchids were the main blooms, surrounded by English roses, ranunculus and scabiosa. To be honest, J&M successfully convinced me that white can be charming, as long as it is #totalwhite.

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