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A “secret garden style” wedding in Italy

3 days wedding │ 150 guests from Switzerland │ 25 musicians from all over the world │ 300 bottles of Champagne

When: July 2019
Guests: 140
Entrance of a romantic wedding chapel in Tuscany

For their wonderful wedding in Tuscany, we suggested this nice couple a very romantic church in a monastery. They were impressed, as it had exactly the intimate and solemn atmosphere they had in mind for the church of their wedding.

So the first step of our mission was accomplished!

The second challenge was to find a villa to allow them to party al fresco all night long, with an elegant scenery expressing the beauty of the Tuscan elegance and the harmony of the renaissance architecture.

The mission was completed showing them one of the Ferragamo properties. They immediately loved it. We spent time with the couple trying to understand their vision and then we designed the whole project for them, illustrating a “secret, secluded garden” which at night becomes full of lights and fun!

We had greenery hanging from the ceiling, pergolas on the tables and plants all around. We suggested they chose a delicate colour for the flowers such as dusky pink, century rose, Muscat rose, marshmallow pink, sage and olive green…so, in detail the flower used where English roses, peonies, dahlia, white currant, amni visnaga, jasmine and hypericum, all perfect colours and flowers to enhance the beauty of the secret garden.

Lanterns, candles and fairy lights were scattered around to create a magical atmosphere. Even the color and material of the dance floor and the stage were in line with the “secret, secluded garden” theme. The whole production involved a team of 45 people who worked all throughout the 3 days of the event.

Secret garden style as wedding decor in Italy
Hanging greenery and lanterns for a secret garden wedding decor in Italy
Courtyard decorated as a secret garden for a wedding in Italy Courtyard decorated as a secret garden for a wedding in Italy

When the guests entered the courtyard for the dinner, it was already dark so they were completely surrounded by the enchanting vibe. The newlyweds entered to the notes of “Feel so close” by Calvin Harris. Dinner was served by one of the finest caterers in Italy. Guests were blown away by the amazing menu: spider crab served on a delicate summer salad, risotto with red pears and pecorino cheese of Pienza, followed by the most tender Chianina beef fillet.

As the party time was approaching, the lights on the dance floor and the ones on the stage started to dominate the candle lights. The volume of the music increased and the 11-element band from Paris took over! The party continued with the performance of a DJ from Zurich till 5 am.

A delicious pizza served at 1 am reenergized the guests for more dancing. We can proudly say we successfully provided what M&D wanted, in terms of experience for their guests.

Our secret is the listening to our guests’ needs and wishes. We start from here to brainstorm, share ideas, design a moodboard and create projects that we implement with the help of our trusted vendors.

Salmon, peach and violet flowers palette for a wedding table decor in Italy
Exclusive wedding party in Italy with live show band Exclusive wedding party in Italy with live show band
Exclusive wedding party in a villa in Italy with live show band and hanging greenery and lanterns
logo player Luxury wedding in Italy: video of a secret garden

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