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Jewish Wedding in Tuscany

105 guests from New Orleans │ Chuppah under the pergola │ A glam garden in a Tuscan hamlet │ Central square dancing floor in bleached wood │ Sage, peach and pink palette │ Fireworks in the vineyards │ Unplugged band │ Typical Italian cake │ Dj and saxophonist

When: Summer 2018
Guests: 120

I met the wedding couple and the mother of the bride on a winter morning in Florence to evaluate the various venues in Tuscany. They wanted my opinion on the one that would meet their idea of romantic, informal style, but would still offer impeccable quality and service.

We have planned and organized many weddings in Tuscany: I had no hesitation in suggesting this Tuscan hamlet that in 1992 was turned into a luxury resort.

I still cherish the memory of the whole planning of the dinner and the event. The welcome dinner under the pergola, with aromatic herbs and tomatoes as centerpieces, and the pizza and pasta corners, was exactly how they wanted to greet their guests.

The hamlet features a lovely square, but due to the smaller number of guests and its uneven shape, that would not allow the layout we had in mind, we designed a dance floor in bleached wood. The eight rectangular tables were set so that each guests had a clear view of the first dance and the band.

This gave the setting a sense of fullness, also thanks to the lounge area, the dessert corner, and the open bar. Oh, I almost forgot, one of the reasons I suggested this hamlet is that there are not time restrictions for the music, definitely a plus for a Jewish wedding.

Jewish wedding Tuscany lights decorations
Romantic orthodox wedding dinner
Wedding toptable for Jewish wedding Wedding toptable for Jewish wedding

We started organizing Jewish weddings over 10 years ago, and since then word of mouth has brought new couples to us. Our experience allows us to organize both reformed and orthodox Jewish weddings, and to liaise successfully between the family and the Rabbi.

Through the years, we have acquired experience in the kosher foods, learning all the procedures and methods to successfully organize a kosher wedding in any venue. We provide specialized chefs and caterers that are also able to obtain great kosher wines.

Planning and organizing a Jewish wedding means being aware of traditions and rituals that are included in the ceremony: the signing of the Ketubah (the traditional wedding certificate that ratifies what the man will guarantee to the woman throughout the marriage).

The beautiful decoration of the Chuppah (symbolizing the home the spouses are building together, opened on the four sides, conveying hospitality); we often use the beautiful traditional chuppahs that belong to the families.

And finally, the moment when the groom stomps on the glass while the guests shout “Mazel Tov”. This is what we would define the main moment in a Jewish wedding: the glass is wrapped in a napkin or handkerchief and placed before the groom.

Usually this is the moment when the Chazan (the Cantor) sings the renowned song Im Eshkakech Yerushalayim (‘If I forget you, Jerusalem’) commemorating the suffering of the Jews.

Orthodox jewish wedding newlyweds are kissing
Wedding jewish ceremony romantic chuppah Wedding jewish ceremony romantic chuppah
Bride wedding dress with orange bouquet

The most enjoyable moment of the wedding is when the guests dance the Horah, an expression of pure energy that we look forward to every time we are lucky enough to organize a Jewish wedding.

Italy offers ideal villas and castles for a Jewish wedding, with vast grounds and gardens perfect for dinners and dances with several guests. Jewish weddings allow us to better express our passion for music and entertainment.

Through the years, we have worked with great bands, musicians, and cantors with a wide Jewish, Yiddish, Israeli and Klezmer repertoire, who can also sing modern pieces. An especially sweet moment is the Yichud, Hebrew for “seclusion”: after the wedding, the newlyweds spend the first few minutes of their married life in a secluded space, often with the Rabbi guarding their privacy.

We especially like to decorate this area with flowers, a bottle of bubbles and some finger food.  It’s a special moment for themselves, when far from families and friends, they can acknowledge the importance of the new couple. Regardless of the tradition, this represents a magical moment symbolizing the importance of the time the couple should dedicate to themselves, away from external distractions.

logo player Video of a Jewish wedding in Tuscany
logo player Backstage video of a Tuscany Jewish wedding

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