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Persian wedding in Italy

Persian Wedding in Italy

Sophisticated sofreh │ 150 guests from California │ Villa with Florence view │ Palette ivory and olive green │ White dancefloor │ Tenor to introduce the bride and groom

Where: Tuscany
Location: Wedding Villa with View in Florence
Guests: 150

Natalia and Payam where searching for an elegant venue with a beautiful view for their garden wedding with about 120 guests. They loved the idea of having outdoor dinner and then lots of dancing!

They immediately fell in love with this unique villa in Tuscany, which dates back to the beginning of the 1600s. This villa’s hallmarks are its breath-taking view on Florence and the amazing Italian garden.

The couple wanted to have a luxury Persian wedding and we immediately loved the idea! It was such fun to research all the props needed for the Sofreh aghd, and to design it with them.

We incorporated all the elements of the Persian traditional ceremony in an enchanted Tuscan scenario. We found the antic golden candelabra, the Persian pastries, and also provided the rose water, the almonds and much more, while the traditional embroidered cloth and the sacred poetry book was brought in by the mother of the groom.
The blend was completed when we added the idea to use Persian carpets on the grass and golden chairs for the guests!

The result was a unique mix of traditions, elegance and nature.

Persian Wedding in Italy wedding table details

The cocktail was held in the garden, giving the guests the opportunity to admire the façade of the villa and the perfectly designed Italian garden.

Thus, the location of the dinner was kept as a secret until the guest moved for wedding meal at sunset.

We designed and produced an elegant wedding table layout integrating a dance floor and a top table. This was all overlooking the valley of Florence on one side and the elegant villa on the other. Therefore, we definitely succeeded in creating an elegantly sophisticated dinner scene for our couple and their guests.

In addition to the beauty of the villa and the elegance of the decors, we wanted to add a unique touch: the performance of a tenor that was singing their first dance, “ Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran. No words can express how surprised the guests were, and Natalie and Payam’s emotion. They were dancing under the stars and surrounded by beauty!

Persian wedding rug

It is always very stimulating when we can design something special in a venue that is already so beautiful. Our mission is to highlight its characteristics and create something new to surprise the guests.

With the help of our designers, we realized a project that was created with the help of our trusted vendors. The party went on in the courtyard of the villa. We loved to spruce up this rather sober spot, the use of golden furniture reflecting the lights glammed it up considerably.

Therefore, we definitely delivered what Natalie and Payam were looking for: an elegant open-air wedding in a historical and sophisticated villa, with some glam and cool touches. Not to mention the emotional iranian wedding ceremony which was a mix of traditions and luxury.

We loved to combine elegance, beauty and luxury.

Persian weddings are a unique experience, they remind you of the beauty and splendors of times that are not even that far back, when the Persian Empire was the cradle of a thousand-year-old culture that taught even the Arabs the beauty of fountains, gardens, and flower-adorned palaces.

Nowadays, the many Persians who live in the world keep this culture alive, and their weddings always follow these thousand-year-old traditions. It would take pages to explain all the rituals that take place before, during and after the wedding ceremony; in this context, we would like to describe what we find is the symbol of the Iranian wedding, the Sofreh Aghd.

The Sofreh Aghd is a low table placed before the spouses displaying an array of gifts such as sweets, (Noghl, Baklava, Toot (an Iranian marzipan), Naan-e Bereneji (rice cookies), Naan-e Badami (almond cookies) and Naan-Nokhodchi (chickpea cookie). A mirror placed right before the spouses so that they can see their guests, two candelabra, the blessed bread, decorated eggs, almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, apples, grapes, pomegranates, coins, the sacred book and a prayer rug.

The whole family is involved in the preparation of the Sofreh, decorated also with precious fabrics and golden ornaments.

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