Luxury wedding palace on the Grand Canal

Name one thing that makes Venice the most unique city in the world: its palaces opening on the Grand Canal, right? This luxury wedding palace on the canal is one of them: the entrance is right on the Grand Canal, in the plain side of the palace.

When parties and receptions are organized here, this is the door that welcomes the guests, directing them to the wonderful double staircase that leads to the mirror and stucco hall opening on the Grand Canal, and offering, especially at night, the true charm of the masquerades of the 18th century.

Venue code: 705
Maximum Venue Capacity: 150
Venue Accommodation: No accommodation
Ceremonies Available: Catholic ceremony: Chapel nearby
Civil ceremony: local Town Hall
Symbolic or protestant ceremonies: in the venue hall

Luxury wedding party in a palace in Venice with canal view
Luxury wedding venue in Venice with Grand Canal view Luxury wedding venue in Venice with Grand Canal view

The palace was built in the 15th century in Flamboyant Gothic style, and in the 18th century it underwent major work to reach the style we see nowadays, by many considered the authentic Venetian style.

The main hall, with the smaller side halls, is ideal for the dinner reception, while the entrance of the palace is typically dedicated to the ceremony and the dances.

Getting married in Venice never ceases to be the most exclusive option; Venice, as we know, is the epitome of elegance, charm, romanticism and uniqueness. No other city in the world can offer palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, luxury hotels, a lagoon hosting beautiful natural landscapes and the local arts and crafts: to mention just two, the Murano blown glass, and the Burano laces.

Venice has a concealed side: while it boasts its palaces on the canals, only if you explore its alleys can you find what it hides. This luxury wedding palace on the canal is a hidden jewel, almost concealed among the other palaces on the canal, it offers triumphant luxury and elegance to those who decide to celebrate their wedding here.

Amazing Carnival party in a palace in Venice

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