Elegant Wedding Villa in Italy

This elegant wedding villa in Italy, close to Siena, dates back to the 11th century and it can offer you an extraordinary setting for your Italian Wedding. Set in the beautiful Italian countryside, it lies in the heart of an estate sorrunded with vineyards and olive groves.

Venue code: 312
Maximum Venue Capacity: 100
Venue Accommodation: 52 rooms, including rooms & suites and villas
Ceremonies Available: Catholic ceremony: in local churches
Civil ceremony: on site
Symbolic or protestant ceremonies: in the garden

It could easily be labeled one of the most magnificent elegant wedding villas in Italy. If you want to spend a few days relaxing before or after your Italian wedding, there are plenty of activities available.
This luxury italian wedding villa site is just a 15-minute drive from Siena. Its architecture and artistic heritage is simply beautiful and dates back to the Middle Ages. There are also several onsite activities: from food and wine, sports activities, excursions, etc…
The onsite restaurant offers excellent dining and to top it all there is a swimming pool overlooking the countryside. You may choose to hold your cocktail reception in the garden or by the pool, with its panoramic views across the magical orchards, fields and hills – with Siena glittering not far away.
This luxury house for weddings boasts of beautiful garden areas, each with an equally spectacular vista of the Italian countryside and lavender fields. When the weather is warm you can hold your evening party outside in the garden; when it’s cooler, you might prefer to move inside into the spacious lounge and celebrate under the light of the chandeliers. Its indoor space accommodates up to 80 guests.
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2. Elegant venue for wedding in Italy with outdoor pool

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