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Wedding welcome party Italy

Welcome party close to Florence │ Italian style band │ special guests: three donkeys │ Live Show pizza

When: June 2019
Guests: 130
Buffet station and country-chic table setting

In the last few years, we’ve frequently been asked to organize market-style welcome dinners. In everybody’s mind, Italy is still the country of village festivities, small market places, offering well-arranged piles of fruit and vegetables where colors, smells and sounds create a cheerful atmosphere.

In fact, if you have visited southern Italy, you will confirm how much street food is part of our culinary culture: from the folded pizza sold in the alleys of Naples to the chickpea “panelle” in Palermo, and the “cuoppo”, the fried dough dumplings. The alleys of these cities exude true hospitality made of simple flavors and a cuisine that brings us back in time, away from modern complications.

We are increasingly asked to recreate this ambience for welcome nights and we are truly happy to oblige.
Through the years, we’ve organized several wedding welcome parties Italy style; in this one in particular, we created a movie setting with a “Pizzeria d’Amore”, a small band playing classical Italian songs from the 1960s and 70s and everybody dancing like in the typical village summer festivals.

A sweet donkey welcomes the guests
Welcome party in Italy with icecream cart Welcome party in Italy with icecream cart

And then wooden tables, cheese and vegetable stands and a cheerful ambiance that reminded us of the summer nights in the Italian villages, where a glass of wine accompanies you through the night, watching the people promenading and smiling when the band plays your favorite song.

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