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Lebanese Wedding in Tuscany

Lebanese Wedding in the Tuscan countryside │ 3-days event │ 170 guests from Lebanon │ Flower layout for the tables │ aerial views │ 500 candles │ 20 meters of cascading greenery │ an unplugged band from the south of France │ a DJ from Lebanon │ 7-layers cake │ cold fountains

When: July 2018
Guests: 180

Organizing Diane and Elie’s wedding was truly an enjoyable, fun experience. Diane and I were immediately on the same page, she wanted an event that conveyed an ambiance filled with color, music and dances.

This is what I like to work on, fun experiences, and study an event layout that helps me in the project. Diane and Elie have now become our friends, partly due to what happened in the backstage. They still talk about it, just like their family and guests, and of course my team.

At 5pm on their wedding day, Diane was getting ready for family photos, all of a sudden, a summer storm broke out, when no weather website had forecasted it.

All the tables were set, with all the centerpieces ready, the dancefloor all set to go. I could not believe my eyes! It lasted thirty endless minutes, after which all the stemware was full of rainwater, the chairs were soaked, and we only had one thought in mind: we have 90 minutes to start over again!

And so we did, during the ceremony we wiped silverware, stemware, chairs, and put together a fabulous event in Tuscany. This is what makes InfinityWeddings so special, the ability to face glitches keeping calm and readjusting the program so that your guests will not even be aware!

Luxury wedding table flower decor
Garden with fountain of a Lebanese wedding villa
Top view Lebanese wedding villa entrance Top view Lebanese wedding villa entrance

One country has greatly influenced the wedding industry in the world, Lebanon. Through the past few years, we have organized several Lebanese weddings of couples who live in Lebanon or in countries such as Canada, United States, Dubai, Qatar and the UK, London in particular.

Regardless of where they lived, they also wished to concentrate on their families and guest, to the point that the feeling that has associated all these weddings is their attention for hospitality. Guests are offered the best, in terms of abundance of food, fun, comfort, and the like.

The details that stand out in these weddings are the elegant attires of the guests, the beauty of their preciously embroidered and detailed gowns, the omnipresent music to which the guests dance during and after the reception, the precious ornaments, and the triumphal entrance of the newlyweds, an epic moment in Lebanese weddings traditions.

This is in fact the actual welcome to the couple, and in some cases, we built special sceneries with staircases, or selected villas that would offer the staging where the couple could stand for all their guests to admire and acclaim them.

Gold rimmer glasses and flowers decor
Top view of rectangular and round tables of a Tuscan wedding villa Top view of rectangular and round tables of a Tuscan wedding villa
Wedding table with bulblights and hanging candles

Lebanese brides dedicate special attention to makeup and hairdressing; therefore, we always suggest they select one of our selected stylists who have gained great experience in fashion and will be able to advise on the best attire for the wedding and the second outfit and look for later.

Our Lebanese brides appreciate the consultation we offer, as they feel at ease in a style that enhances their beauty, keeping in mind the photographic effect.

Like the Italians, the Lebanese are keen on excellent food; they mostly prefer buffet dinners that allow their guests to alternate food and dances. This is a unique occasion for us to express our creativity and put no restraint in our imagination in decorating the buffet tables.

The highlight of the event is the cutting of the cake and the dessert table, which we try to plan as rich as the dessert table in any Middle Eastern wedding. Some couples decide to include also a zaffeh accompanying the groom or highlighting important moments of the party.

In the last few years, we have developed a passion for these weddings, which has created relationships of respect and affection with several families. In turn this has resulted into a rewarding word of mouth. We love Lebanon, its beauty, its people, and Beirut has become close to our hearts.

Lebanese wedding dessert buffet
logo player Assyrian lebanese in a wedding villa

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