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Country Chic Italian Party

250 guests │ Rome │ Authentic Italian food │ Unplugged band from South of France │ Lebanese wedding goodbye party

When: June 2019
Guests: 250
Rustic chic decor for brunch in Italy

We found a wonderful villa that met the description and was perfect to organize this kind of event. We were able to design an area for the wooden picnic tables, a relaxation area with cushions, blankets, parasols, fruit baskets and food corners all around: a BBQ area, the pizza corner, the cheese display, the cold cut corner, and, clearly, two open bars.

We are particularly happy with the outcome of this event for the ambiance we created for the guests, who walked around the food corners, rested in the shade, or danced to the music of the band we hired from Southern France.


Chic decor for a brunch in Italy
Chic buffet idea for a wedding in Italy
Buffet station for goodbye brunch in Italy Buffet station for goodbye brunch in Italy

It’s hard to explain how we felt, but definitely happiness is one way to describe it, since the guests didn’t want to leave after the 5 hours agreed, so we kept going until sunset!

Yes, a true Infinity-style event, where our careful attention is dedicated to creating comfortably convivial ambiance to spoil our guests.

Wedding dessert buffet for a brunch in Italy

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